Since 2012 we have been helping clients all over the country with their start up and food development needs. Here are a snap shot of some of our clients since Loves Consultancy inception. 

Solihull Boutique Hotel, 2012

An independently owned hotel near Solihull was undergoing a significant multi million pound extension and wanted to add a fine dining restaurant in to their portfolio of dining options. We were called in half way through the planning stage with the original intention of giving some preliminary advice on where to place this restaurant. We remained with them for 7 months, eventually overseeing the planning of all food outlets, re-designing the commercial kitchens, development of the the dining menus including the brasserie, fine dining restaurant and room service and supported them through the tricky refurbishment months.

East India Tea Company 2013 to present

Internationally recognized company that traces its roots back to tea imports in the 18th Century. This company was founded in 2004 to deliver high end tea to the UK market. We were brought in initial in a food development role to oversee the introduction of a high end afternoon tea offering to be rolled out as franchised operation across the Arab Emirates, Asia and Europe. Since our original involvement, the concept has altered and changed and our involvement has progressed to also include front of house 5 star standard and Tea Sommelier manuals. We were involved in the planning of a pop up kitchen in a well known London based shopping centre which involved menu design for this specific offering and working along side kitchen designers to work with the extraction and electrical restraints in this site. 

Warwickshire Pub,  2014

A Father and son purchase of an old local pub in Warwickshire. The Son was already successful in his own micro brewery and wanted an outlet for his brew aside from his already successful client base. This project was much more kitchen lead. They needed a complete new kitchen and menu to be designed. The kitchens were to be developed in two parts. The key was to keep the business trading until the end of the Summer until a more extensive refurbishment was planned. Steve therefore went in to assess the quality of the equipment, arrange commercial cleaning and refurbishment of any equipment still fit for purpose. He helped re-design the layout and advise on purchase of additional equipment needed to maintain the kitchens without a high financial outlay. Steve then designed a pub menu, creating recipes for the menu and went on site to train the menu and over saw the opening of the site. He supported the recruitment of the kitchen team and assisting the smooth transition of the Head Chef into the site. All HACCP and COSSH manuals were provided to the site to keep them in line with all legal requirements in Health, Food safety and hygiene in a commercial kitchen.

The Grillhouse, Stroud, 2015

The owner had just signed for and collected keys on a old Cotswold Stone pub in Stroud when we were called in. We had just two months to get the site open and trading. No mean feat as we usually advise 6 months, but with additional support we were able to do it in just 10 weeks. The site needed a complete refurbishment inside including pluming and electrics.  The entire kitchens pulled out and re-instated with a new design and layout including new extraction of which Steve over saw. An entirely new concept menu was required to be designed and full manuals in the kitchens were provided. Front of house, a complete refurbishment along with finding suppliers for all requirements including a new Brewery agreements set up, all food suppliers, all drink suppliers including arranging all trade discounts. Other suppliers we assisted with included bank accounts, Credit card provider, website and logo design and Epos systems. We were also able to oversee all interviews for senior management and designed job descriptions and employment contracts for the site. Finally, overseeing the opening of the site and successful trading of the site.


The Farmhouse, Warwickshire, 2016

We were approached by a company who had a building on part of their significant grounds that they wished to explore the option of converting into a fine dining establishment. This was a 6 month project that allow us to develop a feasibility study into the practical aspects of this scenario. We worked along side kitchen designers specialized in listed buildings to design two commercial kitchens to operate the entire operation. We assisted with all financial projections using several different scenarios to target different sectors of the company. This was a thoroughly interesting and unusual concept and should it be developed further, would be a unique offering in the area.

Village Pub, North Midlands, 2016

A couple approached us with the idea of purchasing the lease on their local pub to run as a family concern. We were able to negotiate preferred tenant terms for them based on our knowledge of the area and the firm handling the lease. We assisted with financial projections, business plan, securing additional finances to secure the necessary funds to develop the pub in the manner to be designed. A menu was developed that was to be used as a guideline for the chef in place to work with. We assisted sourcing suppliers, setting up accounts, negotiating discounts. We oversaw the recruitment of the manager and employment contracts. All HACCP and COSSH manuals were provided to the site which passed initial Food and Safety checks with 5 stars on opening. We continue to work with this client each month to support their Sales and Marketing plan and financial projections.

WrapLab, 2016 to present

A family run company that started in their lounge. This has become one of our most unusual and ambitious projects to date. We have completely designed and developed their menu, over seen their brand development, negotiated their lease and legal concerns. We assisting with all supplier contracts, kitchen training, assisting with initial PR and Marketing for the opening and developing a 12 month plan for continued development of the brand. We oversaw the role out of their site including their inaugural site in December 2016. Ongoing support requires managing their sales and financial projections and plans to continue to encourage the growth of the company.