Is your business ready for Christmas?

08th Oct 2017

Whilst you might be starting to panic, and indeed, most restaurants and pubs are super geared up and ready for Christmas, it's definitely not too late. We have put together some hints on how to go about getting ready for Christmas.

Get a diary - It is so important to track every booking If you still use a paper diary, get another one just for  Christmas bookings with more space to write down important information. Best diaries are A4 and two pages per day  to allow for separate lunch and dinner reservation pages.  We've tried and tested many computerised diaries that are very quick and very inexpensive to run. These are definatley worth investing in for the long term efficiency of your business. 

Writing a Menu - We normally start talking to our clients in January, yep, thats right, January. We discuss the most successful aspects of the previous Christmas and the parts that weren't. By May we have helped our clients write their forthcoming menu and by the end of August, they will have published the menus ready to distribute to their existing customers and as part of an active marketing strategy for Christmas. The strategy that we put in place for our clients can be rolled out yearly. After the first year, it is very easy to follow our action plan and allows clients to be more independent if they wish with future Christmas planning. 

Who is going to serve? Its great being busy, it's what we aim for with all our clients, but getting your menu written and your tables booked is just one part of being prepared. Increased trade at the most popular time of  year means it is more important than ever to book your extra part time staff as soon as you can. We help clients find reliable competent local staff.

Location, Location, Location: If you are based in a large town or city, chances are you will do a lot of office parties, just as, if you are small country pub, families and small groups meeting up will be your most likely guests. Make sure that your menu reflects what your customers are after, quick "in and out" menus that suit one location won't be appropriate for another. Having us on hand allows a professional to help design the menus that will maximise your customers requirements.  

Are your tables Big enough? - Knowing your restaurant or pub layout inside out is imperative. You should expect more larger tables than on a usual busy night. Count tables, chairs, draw plans of different table arrangements to make sure that you can maximise table options

Asking for Money - One of the most frustrating things to hear when we talk to clients is the amount "no shows" business at this time of year. When we first visited Clive in September 2015 he reckoned he had lost 20% of his business with last minute cancellations and no shows. This was his biggest concern for future Christmas events. Alongside working with his chef to pull together a smart profitable Christmas menu, we were able to put in protocols that all his staff were comfortable when asking for deposits and filling in booking forms that allowed him to maximise his table space. He was pleased to reveal to us that he only lost 4 covers due to illness during the entire 5 week period for December 2015. . A positive result for a very happy client whom we have been working with Clive ever since to support and drive his business forward with consistently improving results. 


We are able to offer consultation to new clients and often, in just one meeting give enough guidance to ensure that your business runs smoothly and profitably this Christmas. If you think you would benefit from talking to us, Call us on 07870 650195 or email us here for more information. Consultations start from just £250 and we look forward to hearing from you. 


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