Initial Consultation

The most important meeting for us will always be the first one. The one where  you get to meet us face to face and talk through what exactly you are looking for and how you think we can help you. This meeting should be funded with hot beverages and good humour and will always be offered with our compliments.

At some point in our careers, we have been where you are, be it buying a business from scratch, looking to take the next step to push your business to the next level or struggling to make ends meet. We offer you advice based on our own personal experiences; why sell you something that won't work? We think that is the best sort of friend to have in business. 

Loves Hospitality has worked with many clients, some as one off projects, but many more over long periods of time. These can range from intense start up projects to crisis management to developing a menu for a one off event and all require a very individual approach. Some clients need weekly meetings, some only need to see us a couple of times a year once we have completed the project in hand. Our initial meeting with you will be able to assess what your requirements are and how we can help you. But most importantly, you can meet us and see that we have been and continue to be, just like you, owning and running our own businesses.