Initial Consultation

The first thing we will always do is meet you. For us, this is the most important meeting. We get to meet face-to-face and talk through exactly what you are looking for when buying a restaurant; pub or hotel and we can establish how we can support you.

At some point in our careers, we have been where you are now. Be it buying a business from scratch, looking to take the next step to push your business to the next level, struggling to make ends meet or looking to sell the business. We offer you advice based on our own personal experiences, and we won’t sell you something that we haven’t already tried and testing ourselves.

Our Consultancy has helped many different hospitality businesses over the past 6 years from viability studies for potential projects, finding ideal sites for clients, significant menu development projects including take out menus to one on-going client whose initial menu took over a year to finish, to brand development for a restaurant chain. Some Clients will only require a short period of time from us just as we support them through the project development and opening. Others remain with us from the start as we continue to guide and support them as they operate their successful business.

Once we meet you, we will be able to quickly advise you on how best to use our services and an expected budget for the consultancy.