Does your restaurant need help?

You’re not alone if you thought the most challenging thing about running your own hospitality business was getting it open. Running your own place can be a very rewarding experience, but it is also hard work. Many people enter hospitality for the first time with little or no experience in the industry and will make mistakes. We had years of experience in the trade and we still made quite a few mistakes in the early days!


We operate a successful monthly consultative relationship with many of our clients today. The monthly meetings are designed to support your financial; HR and marketing needs and help extend your potential. We will ask some difficult questions at first such as what is your GP on food and drink, what is your break even figure weekly, where is your marketing plan, do you have contracts for your staff, what are your business long term goals? Most of our clients can’t answer some or all of these and we work with them to give them the necessary guidance, advise on legislation, design financial and marketing schedules that will empower and educate them so that their business can thrive and push on forwards.

We offer monthly retainers from £250 to support you and your business needs. Please call us on 07870 650195 to discuss your requirements.