Staff Training

You can spend a fortune buying a property, lovingly restoring it and filling it with all the very best equipment and gadgets.

But unless you have the right team in place to produce and sell your vision day in and day out, you might as well go out and blow all your money on a fast car! 

We can help find you that all important team for your new business, help recruit for that key person that will push your business forward, or train and develop the skills of the valued team you already have in place. From teaching chefs how to source the very best ingredients to AA Rosette training, Steve is here to mentor your team. And Claire is always on hand to show train your staff on the art of selling wine and extending their wine knowledge through wine tastings and classes, alongside wine list development. 

Don’t forget, you are only as good as your weakest link and don’t let that be something you could have fixed easily and never got round to doing!